It is also important dry cleaning of the car , because this is the key to your own comfort. Specialists are able to remove stains of any complexity and do not harm the material.

Stain removal – a procedure that requires special technology and quality detergents. Professional equipment will destroy the smallest particles of dust, and it is also responsible for the removal of body fat.


The car interior, like all upholstered furniture, gets dirty with time:


Specialists from Moydodyr – cleaning guarantee:

  • work at a time convenient for you
  • pollution assessment
  • work with the help of special equipment
  • the choice of stain remover that is suitable for this type of contamination.


Result after dry cleaning:

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Dry cleaning of the car

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on an ongoing basis

The company has more than one year of experience working with objects on an ongoing basis, so that you do not do this because professional cleaning equipment has its own nuances and specifics.

  • We conclude an agreement with you on a permanent service where we indicate what works at what time and for how much will be performed.
  • We provide all the equipment, uniforms, special equipment, professional specialized detergents, also, if desired, toilet paper towels, paper, liquid soap, etc. the question of the manager is removed from you.
  • We also take on the personnel issue, which will remove the burden of your personnel officer. We provide the working personnel who was previously trained and instructed and who have experience in performing the work. People who work for you will not suffer either, those who want to work and earn money, we are ready to be included in our staff, where they have official employment (social package) and undergo free training and retraining.
  • At the end of the calendar of the month, we sign the Act of completed work and write out the invoice. Given amount accountant visibility costs.

In fact, you are not interested in cleaning the room, it should be clean, if there are any nuances, say the next cleaning lady. If more significant referral issues we are always in touch.