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Cleaning of apartments, houses, offices and any other premises.

Let us work, while you relax

Cleaning in Lviv is a professional cleaning performed by specialists. This service is very common nowadays, because it is necessary to maintain cleanliness everywhere: at home, in shopping centers, in offices, at different enterprises. After all, cleanliness is not only hygiene, but also the prestige of the company, so cleaning services from professionals are so in demand.

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Our advantages

  • Only high-quality detergents are used. There is no need to buy all this extra, just order a service from the company, the specialists will bring everything they need with them.
  • Professional equipment. A home vacuum cleaner, for example, cannot be compared to those used by cleaning specialists. Accordingly, the result when using more powerful technology is better.
  • Professional cleaning is not only dirt removal, but also disinfection. There are also special tools for cleaning agencies for this.
  • Profitability. Cleaning the offices by a cleaning company will be much cheaper than hiring employees. Moreover – you have to spend money on equipment and detergents.
  • Free time. While experts will do their job, you will have free time for their work.

We guarantee

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(032) 247 6030
(067) 696 7898
(063) 963 7530


on an ongoing basis

The company has more than one year of experience working with objects on an ongoing basis, so that you do not do this because professional cleaning equipment has its own nuances and specifics.

  • We conclude an agreement with you on a permanent service where we indicate what works at what time and for how much will be performed.
  • We provide all the equipment, uniforms, special equipment, professional specialized detergents, also, if desired, toilet paper towels, paper, liquid soap, etc. the question of the manager is removed from you.
  • We also take on the personnel issue, which will remove the burden of your personnel officer. We provide the working personnel who was previously trained and instructed and who have experience in performing the work. People who work for you will not suffer either, those who want to work and earn money, we are ready to be included in our staff, where they have official employment (social package) and undergo free training and retraining.
  • At the end of the calendar of the month, we sign the Act of completed work and write out the invoice. Given amount accountant visibility costs.

In fact, you are not interested in cleaning the room, it should be clean, if there are any nuances, say the next cleaning lady. If more significant referral issues we are always in touch.